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Why should you review your pension?

Having a review of your pension can show you whether your current pension is performing correctly, currently over 80% of pensions throughout the UK are under performing. Having this review can help you gather information about the performance of your current pension holders we can also find out about any pensions that you have forgotten about or simply did not know existed.

Pension funds and annuity pay-outs have hit an all-time low, so having a pension review could be beneficial to you when you are retiring leaving you with more money and having a less stressful retirement.

Here at Hemscott Associates we aim to make your Pension grow as quickly as possible, we review, asses and provide you with a better pension holder, if it can be improved where eligible your money will be used more efficiently to provide you with a much higher income for your retirement.

Our Pension Review Service is completely free, so why not give it a try and see how your pension is performing.

What do you get?

People don’t know how their pensions are currently performing and they generally don’t check up on them to make sure they are performing. The majority of people over 30 haven’t considered a pension review or heard of one.

With that said how knowledgeable are you about your pension? You should ask yourself these questions.

• How much money does your pension have?
• How many pensions have you got and who are they with?
• How are they investing your money?
• Pension holders take a fee from your pension; do you know how much they take?
• What will be your income when you go into retirement? Is it enough to allow you to continue to live as you are?

Our review of your pension will answer all of these questions for you. It’s Completely Free and doesn’t cost you a penny. Secure your future and retirement by taking a Hemscott Associates Pension Review.