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About Us

Hemscott Associates is a UK based pension’s review company that specialises in providing pension review services to individuals in the UK. We have been helping clients nationally reviewing pensions since 2008 and thoroughly enjoy what we do. We strongly believe that people can receive better deals on their pensions and we base our work around ensuring that we do the best that we can to help them gain more money within their pensions, and, to raise awareness of high and sometimes hidden charges on many traditional pensions.

In our experience we have found that many people do not know the value of their current pensions, how they are performing and where they was invested and most have a very small idea what their pensions may provide as a retirement income. This is where advisors can add value and where the financial advice is crucial helping your average person become more in the know about their pension today.

Our staff are a polite, patient and helpful team who make the pension review process straight forward, clear, quick and easy leaving you fully confident that you have received the best possible service and gained the best possible result. A review itself is always worthwhile, it’s a great way of ensuring you are getting quality value for your money and having the very best policy for your own personal needs.