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Do you know the value of transferring your pension to a better plan?

Transferring your pension plan will increase your annuity if placed into the correct investments. You should regularly check your pensions growth and maintain a high return on your investments.

To transfer your pension to a high performing investment opportunity, is an essential tactic that you should be aware of. You can increase your expected annuity by up to 20% more each year allowing you to buy into a higher value pension payout when you retire.

What will having a review do for you?

Having a free pension review can help you decide whether you should transfer your pension investments, it will tell you:

• Where your pension funds are been invested
• The value of your pension funds
• How well your current pension funds are performing
• What your expected income will be when you are at the point of retirement
• What management fees are you paying
• How well your pension is performing, and what options you have available to you

Once all this information has been provided to you for free, you can then decide if you want to take it further and move your pension plan to a higher performing investment ensuring you get the best annuity payout.

I don't know who deals with my pension plan

It's worth having a review even if you don't know who deals with your pensions investments, we trace any existing pensions you have even ones you don't know anything about, It may surprise you to know that many of our past clients have been astounded by how many pension plans they have been paying into unknowingly, and by transferring these pensions into one pot, will reduce management fees and create a higher value pension.

Here at Hemscott Associates we make it our goal to provide you with the most stable financial future for the elderly.

Don't delay because everyday that goes by is another investment you could potentially be missing out on. A Pension Transfer could be the best option for you.